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Directed by Ann Hodges

Written/Composed & Produced by Sara Kreindler


Toby Hughes (Larry)


Lisa Bell (Triage Nurse/Ensemble)

Dutchess Cayetano (Dr. Caylao)

Colleen Furlan (Health Minister/Ensemble)

Katie German (Home Care Director/Reporter/Ensemble)

Rochelle Kives (Assistant-Assistant Deputy Minister/Nurse Manager/Ensemble)

James McLennan (Deputy Minister/Ensemble)

Sam Plett (Premier/Ensemble)

Paula Potosky (Assistant Deputy Minister/Flow Nurse/Ensemble)

RobYn Slade (Amber)

Justin Stadnyk (Hospital President/Cowboy Doctor/Ensemble)

David Watson (Ghost/Nursing Home Director/Ensemble)

Melanie Whyte (Executive Director/Grandma/Ensemble)

Director of Photography – Braiden Watling

Head of Post-Production – Milos Mitrovic

Editor and Sound Mastering – Ethan Ani

VX Compositor and Sound Design – Jasper Elnart

Music Supervisor and Orchestrator – Paul De Gurse

Choreographer – Matthew Armet

Costume Designer, Set Decorator & Costume Set Supervisor – Leanne Foley

First Assistant Director – Sky Cambly-Maki

For Dr. Kreindler’s Team

Production Manager – Tasia Geras

Set and Property Manager – Jamie Plummer

Set and Property Assistant – Zoë Leclerc-Kennedy

Recording Engineer – Chris Coyne

Mixing Engineer – Henry Kreindler

Production Assistant and Creative Consultant to Dr. Kreindler – Reena Kreindler

For Tripwire Media Group

CEO & Executive Creative Director – Doug Darling

Executive Account Manager – Colin Fraser

Production Manager – Jamie Kerr

Account Manager – Sheyanne Bruyere

Assistant Camera – Josh Goossen

Sound Recordist – Tom Groom

Hair and Makeup – Sarah Brooker

Craft Services and Catering – Les Filles Cuisine

Images from A1C Lynch, Adobe Stock,, Andrew Rusk (Flickr), Bettmann via Getty Images, Canada Jack aka Jeremy Gilbert, Charleston County School District,, Dreamstime (Chernetskaya, Denisismagilov, Luckydoor, Upixa2), Element Envato, FrankBeckerDE from Pixabay,,, Herman Miller Inc., Hudson Bay Company, [c] 2015, Michael Ignatieff, Nobel Foundation, Northeast College of Health Sciences,, Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan (Image #R-B2876-1, Morris Predinchuk fonds1, fonds2, and fonds4),, RCI, rmartins759 on Pixabay, Simon Fraser University, Toronto Realty Blog,, UPenn School of Nursing,,, The White House, World Economic Forum - Remy Steinegger, Zairon

Sound effects from AllSounds, Audio Hero, Duff the Psych, Element Envato, Marga Ding, Myles Moss, nathanolson, Natures Symphony, tim.kahn on Freesound, Soundly, wireless4u,

Incidental Music:  “Love or Lust” by Quincas Moreira, “Once Was” by Kwon, “Digital Ghosts” by Unicorn Heads

Research Scientist sequence by Just Theatre, with images from dar golan, Shutterstock, Dreamstime, myselfixion, and iStock (sesame).

Filmed at Unit 204, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Songs recorded at the Royal MTC Tom Hendry Digital Studio

Made with the generous support of ACTRA and the Canadian Media Producers Association (CMPA)

We gratefully acknowledge funding from Research Manitoba


Full Credits: Text
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